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How To Earn Money Online Quickly Using 8 Methods

how to earn money online quickly

Were it not for the bills and the desire to practically afford everything, everybody would quit their job. The lack of freedom and time, waking up early and loads of unending work is way boring. But did you know that you could learn how to earn money online quickly and earn a satisfying living? The internet, besides being fun, offers numerous opportunities to quickly earn money online.

Here's how to earn money online quickly

Freelance writing

If you want to earn quick cash through writing, learn the art, be resourceful and create networks. It can be pretty rewarding but requires passion and dedication. Some of the most used writing platforms include:

  • Listverse -1500 words of sheer creativity and perfection will get you $100.
  • TopTenz - $50 for each delivered and accepted article.
  • A List Apart - very strict but can earn you $200 per article.
  • International Living - travelers write their experiences and earn $75 per article.
  • iWriter - preferred by most as it'ss diverse, less strict and offers opportunity for growth.

Other notable sites include: Textbroker, Matador Network and Uxbooth.

Please remember that if you do not deliver quality, you will be unable to pay bills through writing.

How to earn money online quickly selling products and items online

If you are the kind of persons who hate unnecessary complications, why not sell your personal possessions and business products online? Get a PayPal account, take perfect photos, and do good business while upholding honesty.

Some of the platforms that offer third party selling services are Amazon, craigslist, eBay and etsy. Basically, after making your sales, you pay them a certain percentage of your income.

Nowadays, Facebook has also been widely commercialized. All you need to do is create a page and utilize your marketing skills to share and advertise. You can also pay for your posts to be pinned and be visible to literally millions of Facebook users.

How to earn money online quickly with websites and Apps that pay

These websites will instantly pay you to do reviews, surveys, install apps among other simple tasks. Singly, the pay might seem little but cumulatively, it is something. They include; Swagbucks, Vivatic, CashCrate among many others.

Affiliate marketing, advertising and offering paid services

If you already have your website or blog up and running, these are the opportunities you should utilize.

  • Affiliate marketing involves pinning other companies’ links to your wall. If potential clients click on them, get redirected and consequently purchase goods or services, you get paid.
  • If your traffic reaches thousands in a day, then advertising will earn you a quick treasure.
  • Offering paid services- some years ago, I realized women struggle with weight loss. I researched and created an extreme weight loss diet plan that I sold to many for $40 each.

How to earn money online quickly Forex trading and gambling

If you are good at currencies and making predictions, you should try this as you can double your money in a matter of minutes. However, it is risky and might render you poorer than before. Therefore you have to be cautious and risk only what you can afford to lose.

Buying and selling bitcoins

This is one of the simplest and quickest ways to earn money online. When prices go down, you buy what you can afford and when they hike, you sell at a higher rate.

How to earn money online quickly using your professional know-how

99designs and Upwork are the most popular platforms that offer this service online. As rewarding as it might be, you really have to be good at what you do as it is competitive and requires experience. In this niche, you can also join interactive sites and solve professional questions for quick cash and tips. In addition, you can become a virtual tutor for students.

Selling talent

If utilized, talent can be an essential and natural money generator. For instance, an artist can sell his drawings or paintings over the internet and make some good cash.

There are many other ways to go about earning money online quickly that would make you rich. However, as you do so, it is important to remain legitimate and uphold your morals. Remember that most of it is not entirely free money-you have to work. I will not get into details of how my friend went illegal; got his IP address tracked and ended up serving several years in jail. Finally, always do your research and earn from what you enjoy doing.